What is DeepCas13

DeepCas13 structure

DeepCas13 is developed by Wei Li's Lab at Children's National Medical Center, which is a deep learning–based computational model for predicting the Cas13 sgRNA on-target efficiency.

DeepCas13 uses convolutional neural network (CNN) and following recurrent neural network (RNN) to extract spatial-temporal features for both sequence and secondary structure of one specific sgRNA and then predicts the efficiency by a fully connected neural network (FCNN).

What is Deep Score

Deep Score, which ranges from 0 to 1, is used to indicate the on-target efficiency of a specific sgRNA. The higher the Deep Score, the more likely sgRNA is to be effective.

Contact us

For further questions or to report problems, please contact us:

• Wei Li:  wli2@childrensnational.org

• Xiaolong Cheng:  xcheng@childrensnational.org

• Ruocheng Shan:  shanruocheng@gwu.edu